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Tenement Manager Features


Automatic warning facility

On startup, any warnings for expenditure commitments, rent, renewals, reports, rates, reductions, royalties, or any other requirement the user may nominate, are displayed to either check off or note. The Pending Action report provides a hard copy of these warnings and the person responsible for each action.


Document linking

Agreement documentation and associated correspondence (Microsoft® Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc) can be linked wherever required.


Graphic information

Boundaries drawn and maintained by specialist software such as MapInfo® can be linked to tenements, with the latest version available for display. A complete history of boundary changes, together with data such as datum, area and blocks can be maintained.


Land management

Using the Lands feature, land types are captured together with multiple owners/occupiers. These can then be linked to a tenement or group of tenements. Notices issued to all land owners/occupiers can be monitored and, if required, linked to pdf or Microsoft® Word documents.


Expenditure tracking

Budgeted and Actual expenditure on rates, renewal fees, royalties, general expenditure can be captured. Expenditure reports can be produced in several formats, over varying periods – calendar or financial year, monthly, or any nominated period. The period selection automatically provides month and period to date figures. For General Costs you can create your own sub-categories such as Drilling, Assaying, Admin, etc, adding in your external account number. Periodic import of external accounting cost data can then be set up – one of the most powerful features of the system.


Recording of securities

Securities that may be lodged against tenements can be recorded, together with any Deposits made in relation to a security. One security can cover several tenements, or several securities can relate to one tenement. Transactions such as interest and bank charges can be recorded against securities and deposits so you always have the complete picture.


Comprehensive reporting options

An exhaustive variety of reports can be produced – fully exportable to Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel. An example of a very useful report is the Pending Action report. This report lists for each tenement, all actions and requirements, such as renewals or any other you may specify, due within your specified warning period, and the person responsible for carrying them out.


Handy tools

Drop-down lists and calendar popups are provided throughout.  From the Tools button on the menubar, you can access a calculator and date arithmetic popup screen. Create Address Labels by clicking on any Company or Contact code field.

Windows style context sensitive Help is available throughout, in addition to the occasional Hint button.


User Manual

The system comes with a comprehensive, easy to understand Manual, providing detailed explanations enabling users to make full use of all system features, thereby maximising your investment.


Customised access

Using the Security feature, different users can be assigned different levels of access.


Importing data

Existing data from most packages or legacy databases can be imported into the system. We can provide assistance in setting this up.



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