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Agreement Manager Features


Automatic warning facility
On startup, any warnings for meetings, stages, reports, royalties/fees are displayed to either check off or note. The Pending Action report provides a hard copy of these warnings and the person responsible for each action.


Document linking
Agreement documentation and associated correspondence (word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc) can be linked wherever required.


Graphic information
Information such as areas of influence maintained by specialist software such as MapInfo® can be linked to agreements, with the latest version available for display. Alternatively, you can use Microsoft® Paintbrush to create and store a simple diagram with text.


Handles any type of agreement
Any type of agreement (joint ventures, farm-ins, farm-outs, confidentiality, land access, to name a few) can be effectively managed with Agreement Manager.


Agreement relationship management
Related agreements can be linked so that umbrella and sub-agreement relationships can be established.


Joint venture stage monitoring
For joint venture style agreements, stages and their required and actual expenditure can be recorded. The stage end date is then monitored and displayed as a warning if it is within your nominated warning period. Stages may just be locks or trigger points without any expenditure.


Mining tenure linking
When integrated with Tenement Manager, tenure is accessible from a drop-down list and a button click will collate the tenement costs from Tenement Manager and disburse them to the agreement stages in Agreement Manager.


Reporting options are comprehensive, with the option to group and select for State or Country. Full reports include all the information with respect to each agreement – very useful for snapshot filing or as a header to your main filing system.


Handy tools
Drop-down lists and calendar popups are provided throughout.  From the Tools button on the menubar, you can access a calculator and date arithmetic popup screen. Create Address Labels by clicking on any Company or Contact code field.
Windows style context sensitive Help is available throughout, in addition to the occasional Hint button.


User Manual
The system comes with a comprehensive, easy to understand Manual, providing detailed explanations enabling users to make full use of all system features, thereby maximising your investment.


Customised access
Using the Security feature, different users can be assigned different levels of access.


Importing data

Existing data from most packages or legacy databases can be imported into the system.



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